Smoking and its Effects on Plastic Surgery Results

Dr. Nichter explains the risks and effects of smoking prior to and during recovery after plastic surgery. Smoking — specifically nicotine and carbon monoxide — impedes the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to tissues. As a result, the healing process after plastic surgery is negatively affected. Healing after plastic surgery has a significant effect on the quality of your result.

Dr. Nichter Named in Top Doctors® for 7th Year

America's Top DoctorsSince the origin of its peer review survey of Best Plastic Surgeons, Orange County California plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Nichter has been named in the America’s Top Doctors publication, a listing of the top 1% of physicians in the United Statesfor seven years in a row.

The screening process for this highly exclusive honor is conducted by Castle Connolly Top Doctors®. The process first involves a peer nomination stage in which tens of thousands of physicians are recommended by their fellow doctors. Then, a physician-led research team at Castle Connolly conduct a review of candidates’ medical educations, honors, awards, board certifications, and disciplinary history. The result of their work is a listing of the best qualified doctors in the United States.

From Castle Connolly’s CEO, Dr. John Connolly:

Being selected for inclusion in America’s Top Doctors is a very significant achievement given to only 1% of American physicians. The world of American doctors includes incredibly high quality medical professionals, yet some stand out. Each year we evaluate tens of thousands of peer nominations from throughout the medical community. Then our experts go even deeper to evaluate and select Top Doctors based on referred doctors’ exceptional work and outstanding conduct. My congratulations to Dr. Nichter.

Dr Nichter has also been honored  in peer selected awards such as Best Doctors, Top Doctors, and Super Doctors continuously since their start as well as patient selected awards like Compassionate Doctor  and Patient Choice Awards , Dr. Larry Nichter continues to be recognized as an exceptional physician and one of the best plastic surgeons working in Orange County, Southern California today.

Sientra TRUE Texture™ Implants come with Unique Guarantee

sientraBreast implant maker Sientra has announced their Capsular Contracture Care Program, the first of its kind in the industry. The C3 Program provdes breast implant patients with a guarantee beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty. From Sientra:

Under the C3 program, a primary augmentation patient will qualify for a free replacement implant if she requires revision surgery to correct Baker Grade III or IV capsular contracture within the first two years after implantation.

Capsular contracture is an unusual response of the body to medical implants, including all types of breast implants. It involves tightening of the tissues around the implant, which makes the breast feel firm to the touch and possibly alter its aesthetics.

Sientra’s TRUE Texture™ implants were found to carry a significantly reduced risk of capsular contracture compared to its smooth implants, according to a study published this month in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The analysis looked at more than five thousand implants over a five-year follow up process, providing a very robust set of data as a foundation for this finding. It is with this statistical confidence in the resilience of their textured implants against capsular contracture that Sientra introduces the C3 Program.

As with the implants themselves, Sientra’s C3 Program is only available through plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is done to improve patient confidence even further — it ensures that surgical procedures using Sientra implants are only done by the most qualified doctors.

Dr. Larry Nichter is proud to offer Sientra’s implants at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, as well as the C3 Program and the warranty that comes with all Sientra implants.

OC Register: Best Plastic Surgeons of Orange County 2013

Best Plastic Surgeon 2013Dr. Nichter has been named as among the top plastic surgeons in Orange County by the OC Register for 2013.

Orange County Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Jed Horowitz and Dr. Larry Nichter are honored to be voted into the categories of Best Doctors in America, Top Doctors and America’s Top Surgeons for over a decade. The success of their practice, Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery, can be attributed to providing the highest level of patient care while striving to provide an intimate family atmosphere. In addition, they have been at the forefront of pioneering the minimally invasive lower face lift, branded the LiteLift™. Recognizing the demand for facial rejuvenation which is less invasive, safer, and requires less recovery time, the LiteLift™ has proven to be extremely effective. Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Nichter also provide outreach work through their humanitarian foundation Plasticos Foundation.  Through volunteer contributions, medical teams are sent across the globe providing reconstructive surgery to those in need. Plasticos Foundation continues to be their passion and opportunity to give back.

Via the Orange County Register »

Dr. Nichter receives Patients’ Choice Award 2012

Patients Choice Award NichterDr. Nichter has been awarded the Patients’ Choice Award for 2012 in recognition of his consistently positive throughout 2012. From, which issued the award:

While doctors generally receive positive reviews from their patients, only a select few receive uniformly rave reviews worthy of a Patients’ Choice acknowledgement. In fact, of the nation’s 830,000 active doctors, only 5% were accorded this honor by their patients in 2012.

Unlikely Relationship Between Skin Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's DiseaseWho would have thought that there is a “silver lining” in having Skin Cancer? Skin cancer may be an indication that you are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease. This finding comes from a study published this month in Neurology®, which found that found that its subjects were 80 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease if they had non-melanoma skin cancer.

The study followed 1,102 subjects over the age of 70 who did not have any form of dementia when it began. Over the course of the study, in which subjects participated for an average of 3.7 years, some of them developed dementia and some developed skin cancer (and some reported having had skin cancer before the study began). Of the 141 patients who had skin cancer, only two also developed Alzheimer’s Disease.

Crucially, this negative correlation was found specifically between non-melanoma skin cancers (squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma) and Alzheimer’s Disease (and not other types of dementia).

The reason for this inverse relationship is not yet known, but the study’s authors speculate that it may be the result of a confluence of genetics and lifestyle choices. For example, people who get more exercise are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, as shown by previous studies. People who exercise are also likely to accumulate more exposure to ultraviolet light, which is a primary risk factor for skin cancer. So an active lifestyle may be a linking factor in the relationship between Alzheimer’s Disease and skin cancer, but it cannot be the whole story. The problem with this hypothesis is that exercise also protects against vascular dementia, another form of brain degeneration, yet a similar relationship between skin cancer and vascular dementia has not been found.

Another possible explanation comes from genetics. Our individual genetics may give our cells a tendency to either divide and multiply—as happens out of control in cancer—or to die off as occurs with brain tissue in Alzheimer’s patients. This hypothesis is interesting because both brain and skin cells are derived from the same type of stem cells.

The genetic explanation is particularly interesting because it would offer predictability about one’s risk factors for skin cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease. Furthermore, a biological explanation for why these diseases seem to exclude each other could possibly lead to preventative measures for either of these serious illnesses.

Of course, there is the possibility that a factor only indirectly related to either skin cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease is causing an apparent correlation. Even if a biological factor were discovered, it may not have any applications as a medical treatment. More research is needed to find out. See the below reference and link to find out more.

  • American Academy of Neurology (AAN). “Skin cancer may be linked to lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.” ScienceDaily, 15 May 2013. Web. 23 May 2013.

Dr. Nichter Receives the RealSelf 100 Award

RealSelf 100 AwardDr. Larry Nichter receives honor for his dedication to education on RealSelf, the world’s largest consumer source for cosmetic surgery information.

Newport Beach – Dr. Larry Nichter has been named one of 100 doctors to be included in the RealSelf 100, out of more than 5,000 Board-Certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and licensed cosmetic dentists. The award from RealSelf, the world’s largest consumer source for cosmetic surgery information is granted to Dr. Nichter for his commitment to ensuring millions of consumers make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Nichter is a plastic surgeon at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Orange County, California. He is one of few surgeons to be named in all three peer review publications: Top Doctors, Super Doctors, and Best Doctors. He is also Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, and is the president and founder of the Plasticos Foundation.

Through participation on RealSelf, Dr. Nichter is helping prospective patients make confident decisions about cosmetic procedures they are researching. He has consistently earned top reviews from patients on

In addition, Dr. Nichter offers his professional expertise to the RealSelf community, having answered more than 1,600 questions for free since joining RealSelf last year.

Dr. Nichter and Plasticos Foundation featured in Boston University Article

Dr. Larry Nichter and the Plasticos Foundation have been featured in an article on the Boston University website.

The article highlighted Plasticos Foundation’s work in Laos, and in particular the story of a 14-year-old girl who was able to walk again thanks to the team’s efforts. Importantly, the article described how disfigurements and birth defects often lead to social exclusion. Thus the Plasticos team’s work improves not only the patient’s physical well-being but gives them a new life by providing them with social acceptance.

The featured trip was on January 2009, and provided 95 patients with much-needed reconstructive surgery. However, this is just one of many Plasticos missions. Previous and subsequent missions have included Cuba, India, Armenia, and Cambodia.

Also emphasized in the article was the Plasticos Foundation’s “teach a man to fish” philosophy. The team not only performs surgeries but also trains local doctors and nurses to continue this work even after the Plasticos team has left. Dr. Nichter is quoted in the article:

When I went back to Vietnam, for instance, I asked someone I trained three years previously how many cleft lips he had done, and he said, ‘Oh, about a thousand.’ He performed more in three years than I’ll probably do in my lifetime. That is humbling and gratifying.”

The full text of the article is available on Boston University’s website.

More information on the Plasticos Foundation is available on its website.

New FDA Approved Silicone Natrelle 410 Breast Implants

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new “gummy bear” silicone breast implant. The implants, whose official title is Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Gel Filled Breast Implants, are made by Allergan.

Image: FDA

The implants underwent seven years of research involving 941 women. The FDA’s conclusion from all this data is that the new silicone breast implants are safe and effective. The implants are now available for increasing breast size in women at least 22 years old, and for rebuilding breast tissue (reconstruction) in women of any age.

The approval comes with the condition that Allergan must continue post-approval research for five more years to ensure the safety and efficacy of the Natrelle 410 silicone breast implants. This does not mean that the safety of these implants is particularly in question, but rather reflects the high standards that medical devices of all kinds must meet to be approved in the United States.

The introduction of the Natrelle 410 silicone breast implant to the market is the most significant new approval since Sientra’s highly cohesive silicone gel implants last year. In the pipeline and hopefully soon to be FDA approved and released will be the innovative double-lumen saline Ideal Implant® with the feel of silicone but the safety of a saline implant. This alternative to traditional silicone breast implants is and will be available at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery.

Despite three decades of safety testing and monitoring of silicone breast implants, there is still a public perception that silicone breast implants are more toxic or dangerous than saline implants. The truth is that there has no known toxicity from silicone gel breast implants. In fact, silicone is one of the most common materials used in medical devices and implants. Read this article on the safety of silicone gel breast implants by Dr. Nichter for more information.

Dr. Larry Nichter is proud to offer the new Natrelle 410 silicone gel breast implant at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery. As board certified plastic surgeons with the highest qualifications, Dr. Nichter offers his patients the most advanced breast implants with confidence in their safety and performance.

Additional source: US FDA