Plasticos Foundation

Plasticos Foundation is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing life changing plastic surgery for children correcting birth defects, congenital malformations and traumatic disfigurements of those at home and around the world unable to afford these services. The Foundation is nonprofit, nonpolitical, and nonreligious.

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Frequently, children born so afflicted are feared, shunned, or ostracized by cultures that may interpret these maladies as God’s punishment, the result of malevolent spirits, a curse, or the deserved result of karma. It is a common belief in many of these cultures that bad luck will befall those exposed to these children. Thus, afflicted members and their families living in poverty resign themselves to the pain and shame that accompany abnormalities.

Many of these children are essentially housebound, tucked away from the public eye and are not allowed to become a functioning part of their society. Foundation volunteers specializing in pediatric plastic surgery travel on medical missions to underdeveloped countries to help reshape the lives of these children.

Plasticos members have seen how a repaired body leads to dramatic improvement in the patients’ and their families’ well being, self-confidence, and psychological health. The community begins to accept the children once their deformity has been corrected, in essence removing their curse.

Plasticos plastic surgeons help children face a better future by erasing not just the deformity but the stigma etched by the society. It is remarkable how little it takes to change a life and how moving it is to see disfigured children transformed and liberated from lives as outcasts.