Women over 50 more prone to complications

Dr. Nichter at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery would like to make his patients aware of the results of new medical research.

A new study from Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions has shown that women over 50 years old are more prone to complications—especially infections—following breast reduction surgery.

The study, which involved 1,192 women of various ages, showed that the infection rate in women over 50 was 2.7 times higher than for women under 40.

The cause of this trend is thought to be the changes in hormone levels that occur naturally with age. Infections were found to be less likely in women undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Women who had undergone surgeries like hysterectomy, which cause drops in hormone levels, had higher infection rates.

Women over 50 also showed a slightly increased rate of wound healing problems.

With this new knowledge, Dr. Nichter at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery can provide the best post-operative care for our over-50 female patients so that they can avoid complications and infections.