Women under 50 benefit most from maintenance facelift

Patients under 50 years old have a consistently higher rate of satisfaction with their facelift results than patients over 50, a new study from California Pacific Medical Center has found. This study was conducted by Dr. Tom Liu and Dr. John Owsley, who compared short- and long-term satisfaction ratings of patients in under-50, 50–60, and over-50 age groups. The doctors also factored in expert analysis of patient photographs for a more objective analysis of surgical results.

The findings are consistent with previous research as well as the experience of most surgeons.

The study concluded: “Younger patients (younger than 50 years) with mild or early signs of facial aging have the highest and most consistent satisfaction and the most natural long-term results.”

The study also concluded that younger patients are ideal candidates for what is called a maintenance lift or maintenance facelift. The reason is that patients under 50, essentially because their skin is younger, will have a better result that will last longer than it will if they choose to have surgery later. Furthermore, their results will look better in the long-term.

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Dr. Nichter would like to assure patients over 50 that they can still get dramatic and highly satisfying facelift results. The Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery has numerous video testimonials from patients over 50 about their LiteLift™ surgery.

Source: Aesthetic Surgery Institute, California Pacific Medical Center